Business Rent Tax Elimination Study
Aerial shot of downtown West Palm Beach
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Business Rent Tax Elimination Study

A 2024 study indicates that eliminating Florida's Business Rent Tax would create significant economic benefits for the state.

A new study by the Regional Economic Consulting Group shows that if Florida were to eliminate its sales tax on commercial leases, known as the Business Rent Tax (BRT), the resulting economic benefits to the state would be substantial.

The study, which was commissioned by Florida Realtors, reveals that if Florida was to invest $976.8 million to eliminate the tax, it would get back:

  • $4 billion the first year in new business growth and operations.
  • $19.7 billion over five years in new business growth and operations.
  • 58k new construction, operations and maintenance jobs over five years.
  • An additional $340 million every year in recurring spending.
  • Overall, for every dollar Florida invests in eliminating the BRT, it would get back more than $6 in new economic activity.

Download the study and a supporting graphic by clicking the links below.