GRI Petition to Graduate

Ready for your GRI designation?

After successfully completing all seven GRI modules, members in good standing with their Realtor® membership can receive the GRI Designation, diploma and pin and use the GRI Designation in promoting themselves, after the approval of the GRI Petition to Graduate Form by Florida Realtors®. 

Please submit the GRI Petition to Graduate Form on this page. Once the information has been received, it may take 4-6 weeks for processing. Members will receive a confirmation email once all has been completed, and Realtors can then proudly display the GRI diploma, use the GRI designation on business cards and wear the GRI pin.

For more information, contact Professional Development at (407) 438-1400.

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GRI Designation Petition to Graduate

I have now satisfactorily completed all GRI modules, within a five-year period, as follows:

Name as it appears on your Florida real estate license

Standards of Practice (Course 100)

Essential RE Techniques (Course 200)

Real Estate Specialties (Course 300)

Payment Details

Contact Professional Development with Questions? (407) 438-1400

Upon confirmation of the same and receipt of a $25 issuance fee, your Diploma and GRI pin will be forwarded to your local Association/Board for presentation. PLEASE ALLOW 4-6 WEEKS FOR PROCESSING


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