Our Mission and Vision

Florida Realtors is the Voice for Real Estate in Florida

We're here to support the American dream of homeownership, build strong communities and shape public policy on real property issues.

Mission statement: Florida Realtors is the voice for real estate in Florida

The mission of Florida Realtors is to support the American dream of homeownership, build strong communities and shape public policy on real property issues. It strives to encourage, promote and teach consistent standards for ethical practice and professionalism; and partners with local boards/associations to provide the information and tools members need to succeed.

Vision statement 

Through the efforts of Florida Realtors ... 

  • members have the knowledge, resources and capability to be productive, profitable and maintain the utmost integrity. 
  • local associations are a strong, respected member resource and industry advocate in their market area, and an effective partner with Florida Realtors
  • through collective action, real property rights and quality of life in the state of Florida are preserved, and consumers recognize Realtors as advocates and trusted advisors

External core values: What we believe in. What we stand for

  • Quality of Life:  We preserve, protect and support private property rights and quality of life for all Floridians
  • The Realtor difference: We believe that Realtor stands for professionalism, ethical practice and lifelong learning
  • Community involvement: We are engaged in and committed to the enhancement of our neighborhoods 
  • The sanctity of home: We are dedicated to a safe, comforting place for all to call home
  • Commercial/Business:  We serve those serving the public in the locating, acquiring, leasing and valuation of businesses and investments

Internal core values: How we serve members. How we agree to work together

  • Inclusivity: We pursue the participation, respect and recognition of all members
  • Meaningful communication: We support the business needs of our members through clear, concise, and substantive two-way communication
  • Value to membersFlorida Realtors is committed to providing members with the support, resources and the influential voice they need to be profitable and to operate in a professional and ethical manner
  • Culture of innovation: We embrace open thought and work to create an environment where fresh ideas are welcomed as a means to stay pro-active and relevant to our members’ changing needs