Do Not Call Rules
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What Realtors Need to Know About 'Do Not Call' Rules

The calls you can and cannot make — plus, how to make sure your information is up to date.

As a real estate sales agent or broker, you must follow the "do not call" rules for all sales agents and telemarketers and remove the phone numbers of registered consumers from your call lists.

Ensuring that your information is up to date

  • You must search the national Do Not Call registry at least every 31 days.
  • You may search five area codes at no charge.
  • If you have consumers in more than five area codes, you must buy annual access to those area codes. Each additional area code costs $54, up to a maximum annual fee of $14,850 for access to the entire list of phone numbers in all area codes.

Types of calls you ARE allowed to make:

  • business-to-business calls. You are allowed to call local businesses to see if the owners are interested in selling.
  • owners/sellers of FSBO listings on behalf of a buyer client, if they’ve advertised their phone number. However, you may not contact the owners/sellers if you are trying to solicit the listing. 
  • solicitations for charitable contributions
  • calls involving an established prior business relationship within 18 months preceding a call
  • calls to consumers who have given written permission to call
  • informational calls
  • survey or political calls
  • calls promoting a political party or candidate

Types of calls you are NOT allowed to make:

FSBOs and expired listings are covered under the federal Do Not Call rules. See the National Do Not Call Registry for more information

Other information

The national do-not-call legislation does not apply to door-to-door solicitations – but you may still be prohibited from making door-to-door solicitations if there is a community, municipal or county restriction on door-to-door solicitations or if there is a posted No Trespassing sign on the property or the community. 

The National Do Not Call Registry does not call businesses – therefore, if you get a call from someone purporting to be from the registry, hang up – it is likely a spam call.

For more information about Florida's Do Not Call rules, click here

You may not send unsolicited advertising about listings via fax. (Section 365.1657, Florida Statutes)