ENVY Award
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Florida Realtors ENVY Award Honors Outstanding 'Green' Developments

Enter to be recognized for building in harmony with our state's beautiful and sensitive environment.

Do you know builders in your community with a project development in harmony with the environment around it? If so, encourage them to enter Florida Realtors® annual Environmental Award program.

Popularly known as the "ENVY" award, the honor goes to a development that best preserves Florida's natural quality of life. The award may be given in two categories: one for residential development and one for commercial development.

The winner, judged by distinguished environmental and planning professionals, will receive a hand-crafted lucite trophy, recognition at the Florida Realtors Annual Convention & Trade Expo and statewide publicity as the homebuilder who has made the most significant contribution toward building in harmony with Florida’s beautiful and sensitive environment.

What's eligible?

All Florida commercial developments are eligible. Planned residential developments with a minimum of 30 residential units within Florida are eligible. Developments must be currently available for marketing and must include a model home. 

What are the judging criteria?

For each criteria category, applicants should explain how the project goes above and beyond current environmental preservation and/or building code minimum requirements.

Include photos, site plans and other documents that will help illustrate your points to the judges.

Provide an explanation that clearly demonstrates the development’s environmental features, environmental/preservation activities and design aspects to help the judges better review your project. Here are a few things to point out to judges:

  • Preservation of natural flora and fauna; a) highlight any restoration areas/efforts; b) include any corridors/buffer zones; c) highlight wetlands areas
  • Landscaping/compatibility with the surrounding environment
  • Design in scale and context with surrounding environment; a) highlight and explain any specific “green” standards and/or certification standards endorsed by the project — such as standards from the Florida Green Building Coalition, LEED-ND (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-Neighborhood Development) standards or National Home Builders green building standards
  • Open space and access/usability of open space, a) highlight green space and unusual features; 5) Family recreation and common areas (playgrounds, nature trails, etc.), a) highlight special areas
  • Streets and safety features
  • Drainage and stormwater design features, a) highlight any unique stormwater plans
  • Marketability
  • What makes your project stand out from the rest — what are you the proudest of? Why should your development receive the Florida Realtors ENVY Award?

If you have site plans, photos or other documentation that can show off these points, be sure to include them as well.

How to enter

Entries should be submitted as PDFs or on a flash drive in the following order:

  1. A written overview of the development (maximum of four pages, typed, double-spaced)
  2. Supporting material and photographs that address the judging criteria in the order listed above — no videotapes or slides
  3. A set of land development plans and other supporting data, if warranted.

Email entries as PDF to marlam@floridarealtors.org with the subject line "ENVY Award." Or mail submissions to: ENVY Award, Florida Realtors, 7025 Augusta National Drive, Orlando, FL 32822-5017.

There is no entry limit and no cost to enter.

For more information about the ENVY award, call 407.438.1400, ext. 2326.