Be a Changemaker. Serve on a Florida Realtors Committee.

Florida Realtors is led by member volunteers committed to keeping Florida's real estate market vibrant.

Florida Realtors Governance

Florida Realtors® is governed by committees and subcommittees. These member volunteers make decisions about the organization’s priorities and focus areas and ensure that Florida Realtors can successfully achieve its mission and vision.

COMMITTEES > A look at the role of each Florida Realtors committee.

MEMBERS ONLY > Find committee agendas and minutes on THE VOICE.  

Become active in our organization

Be a Changemaker. Serve on a Florida Realtors committee.

It takes thousands of volunteers and many thousands of hours to keep Florida a vibrant real estate market, and members can now sign up to help by serving on a Florida Realtors committee next year. Your participation is so important to the growth and success of Florida Realtors. We greatly admire your willingness to participate.  

We invite you to apply to join a committee for the first time or apply to join a new committee if you’ve served on one for many years.

Most committees accept new members every year. Florida Realtors bylaws and policies dictate the structure of some committees, so space may be limited, and qualifications for serving on different committees varies.

The Committee Service Request period is from March 1 to May 1 each year.