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How to Use the Florida Realtors RSS Feed

Learn how to make Florida Realtors' website content work for your business.

What is the Florida Realtors RSS feed?

It’s a web-based delivery system that “feeds” your computer with selected content as it is updated on our site.

What content is included in the Florida Realtors RSS feed?

You’ll receive content – stories and multimedia products – that are uniquely produced by the Florida Realtors association, along with information that originates from trusted industry sources.  

Content focuses on what’s new: such as industry news, homebuyer and seller consumer-oriented stories, tools and services updates, and multimedia products. Each content element is “fed” to your computer and stored as a headline link in the “feed reader.”   

Why would I want to subscribe?

This application delivers positive, consumer-friendly information to you, 24/7 to one location.

Once an RSS story appears on my website, may I redistribute content from the Florida Realtors RSS feed to my website or blog?

In many cases, you can — but there are exceptions. For more information on reuse of Florida Realtors News articles, please read the copyright notice.

Why do I need to follow copyright rules and regulations?

Content sharing is a popular way to fill blogs and websites, but sometimes authors don’t realize — or don’t think they’ll get caught — when they reuse copyrighted material or add it to their sites without permission from the originating source. Adjudication is punishable by fine and jail time.  

How do I get started?

  1. Copy the URL:
  2. Paste the URL into your RSS reader.

Free technical assistance

Members can call the Florida Realtors Tech Helpline to get help and directions for setting up an RSS feed to your site or social network. Call 407.587.1450.