Spokesperson Issues Training
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Florida Realtors Teaches You How to Work With the Media Effectively

Our full-day "Spokesperson Issues Training" course will strengthen your communications skills as a real estate industry representative.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, especially when you’re talking to the media. Let Florida Realtors' “Spokesperson Issues Training” help prepare you for the media.

Created specifically for Florida Realtors leaders at the local and state level, this intensive full-day training session teaches effective communication with both the public and the news media.

Taught at the Florida Realtors headquarters in Orlando by a panel of media advisors, the course features instant video replays of participant’s presentations to strengthen communications skills as industry spokespersons.

Many participants say it is the best learning session of any kind that they have been through.

How it works

Each participant will give a short presentation about yourself, which is then videoed and critiqued, and then later participate in a news conference. At the end of the session you will gain confidence and knowledge about how to work effectively with the media.

The most obvious candidates for this training are local board officers and association executives as well as RPAC and Governmental Affairs chairpersons and directors. When possible, sessions can be tailored to district vice presidents.  

There are usually four or five participants in each session, with multiple sessions available each Spring and Fall. Each course runs from 8:30 a.m. until 4:15 p.m.

Florida Realtors subsidizes the course. The cost is $100 for local board/association presidents, presidents-elect, association executives and RPAC and Legislative Chairs. It’s $225 for all others.

Please contact  Vice President of Communications Jeff Zipper at jeffz@floridarealtors.org for more information. Or call him at 407.438.1400 ext 2314.